Recently, my wife travelled overseas on a mission trip. While she thought she would occupy her day with helping orphans, the poor, supporting local congregations. What she didn’t realise she was about to see the underside of exploitation from those who would be leaders in her Brisbane congregation.

The minister and his brother would visit the Philippians every three or four months.   All under the pretence of advancing the good news of Jesus Christ, while in fact the depraved men were engaging the services of prostitutes and inducing sexual favours from the poor.

A few months leading up to this ‘Missions’ trip, the minister would preach a theme of giving to the poor to raise finances. However, very little of the money reached those in need. Often this money was used to engage the services of prostitutes, stay in luxury resorts, purchase presents to secure the favour of locals.

The minister’s wife had become suspicious.  She has discovered her husband’s ‘second phone’ So, this trip she was determined to discover out just what was going on.

The brother of the pastor stopped at the duty-free outlet to pick up a supply of liquor. When confronted he maintained it was for the communities, he would visit.  Once the group arrived at their destination, the brother disappeared for days on end. On the odd time he was with the group he was never without an alcoholic beverage.  It turns out this brother he was quite the authority when it came to the ‘Red Light’ district; he knew which hotels were known for their working girls. Now it would be his birthday and during the celebration he invited some ladies of the night, to join in the celebration. No doubt to share the love of God with. Sarcasm intended.

The pastor’s wife was introduced to the ‘lady’ who was on the other end of her husband’s second phone and they went shopping.  (I do not understand why, except to mention that when you have been in an emotionally abusive marriage, you’re not in your right mind and will go along with situations that would have seemed dreadful to you)

This shopping trip continued for a few hours, but later the lady disappeared, leaving behind the minister’s wife alone in a part of the city she didn’t recognize, unable to speak the language. This must have been terrifying for her When she made it back to the hotel her husband had disappeared. No one knew where he was.  When he turned up, he could not account for his whereabouts.

It turns out these missions’ trips were excuses for two middle age men to indulge their ego. Deluding themselves into thinking their companions found them attractive, completely disregarding the fact they were receiving services for payments rendered.

What happened to these brothers of iniquity?  The brother became more open about his special friends and was seen less and less at church. For the minister, nothing changed.  He would continue to minister without any trace of repentance.

In all this, it is the ladies who were used.  Those born in a poor country thinking their only way out was to sell themselves. The Pastor wife made to feel somewhat less than she was because her husband is a selfish individual living out depraved fancies.

Some will say that articles like this shouldn’t be published.  But the bible tells us to bring these matters to the light.  To bring accountability.  The minister and his brother haven’t been named only to protect the pastor’s wife.

If you have found yourself in a similar place and if you want to tell your story, drop me a line.